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Choosing a Proficient Lebanese Interpreter in Washington DC

Choosing a Proficient Lebanese Interpreter in Washington DC

How do you tell you are hiring a proficient interpreter when you cannot speak a word of the language you need to be interpreted? How do you draw the difference between quality work and shoddy interpretation? If you are seeking translation for Lebanese and Arabic, […]

Why Diplomats Should Hire Party Bus

Why Diplomats Should Hire Party Bus

For the most part, diplomats prefer hiring limos with chauffeurs to any event or destination of their choice. These limos provide elegance fit for VIPs and a comfortable means of travel. Because chauffeurs are available, there’s no stopping to ask for directions. The chauffeurs’ familiarity […]

Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S.

Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S.

U.S offers Diplomats a broad network of transport systems, both public and private, which make Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S. productive and affordable.

Transportation Options for Diplomats in and Around the U.S. of All Budgets

Public transport in U.S can be exceptionally inexpensive, but it can likewise be somewhat daunting if you don’t speak any American English and are not acclimated to traveling on buses and metro systems. Nevertheless, even taxicabs and private contract is affordable in U.S; the main service which is promptly evident as being more costly is car rental; particularly in contrast with car rental costs in Europe.

Bus travel is an amazing method for Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S . . . . It has a well created network of national air terminals and offers air travelers an adequate selection of airlines, including ease transporters.

Speaking American English

If you intend to traverse U.S by any methods other than flying, then you should have the capacity to speak no less than a couple of expressions of American English to get by, particularly when using taxis, nearby public transport (neighborhood transports, metro) and national transports. Most auto rental organizations at air terminals will have staff that can speak English, but offices in littler towns may expect you to make your courses of action speaking your dialect.

Local Flights in U.S

With immense square kilometers of land-space, U.S covers a major domain and now and then flying is the best and best path for Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S…

The nation has a broad network of present day airplane terminals and a scope of airlines to look over, including minimal effort bearers. Late ‘Open Skies’ assertions have opened up new courses between US urban areas and Mexican provincial urban areas, giving travelers more decision and flexibility than any other time in recent memory.

Traveling by Bus in U.S

Since the early 1990’s, U.S has been investing intensely in street infrastructure. Subsequently, the nation has a broad network of astounding intercity streets connecting all principal towns and urban communities, and more streets are being constructed every year to interface otherwise remote regions of U.S.

For instance, getting from New York City to Washington DC City used to be a noteworthy undertaking by street. Today, the voyage might be done in less than five hours on a safe, present day intercity toll-street.  For diplomats they might also consider traveling by limo, limo bus or other accommodation.

Notes About Roadside Assistance

Keep in mind when traveling by road that the need will eventually arise for roadside assistance, such as a towing service or even emergency response.  It’s helpful here to have a membership with a service like AAA or other roadside assistance services.

The improvement of U.S’s street network has offered ascend to a professionally run and oversaw national transport network. Traveling by official or top of the line transport in U.S is a “first world” involvement in contrast with National Express in the UK, for example.U.S offers Transport for Diplomats in and Around the U.S. inn three classes of service on the most well-known courses and no less than two classes of service on generally courses. The “Official” class transports are current, comfortable transports arranged with only 24 situates on board; First Class transports additionally offer comfort and effectiveness with guide courses to most principal destinations crosswise over




What Diplomats Need You To Know About Moving to the US

What Diplomats Need You To Know About Moving to the US

The United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world, with countless opportunities to succeed and prosper. Foreign diplomats from various countries have spent many years visiting its culture, which is often drastically different from their own. They are uniquely qualified to […]

New Roofing Installations at the Consulate in New York City

New Roofing Installations at the Consulate in New York City

It is our pleasure to announce the installment of a brand-new roof visitation area at the Lebanese Consulate in NYC.  The brand-new roofing enables visitors to rest as well as watch the remarkable beauty of the NYC neighborhoods. It additionally consists of a big art […]

Welcome to the Online Home of Lebanon

Welcome to the Online Home of Lebanon

Welcome to the Online Home of the Country of Lebanon.  Please see below for a guide on how to use the site:

1. Give investors and potential investors in the reconstruction and development of Lebanon an initial view of the liberal conditions governing foreign investments in the country and the actual development of the Lebanese economy. It also identifies reconstruction porjects in progress and/or available for investment. Finally, it indicates major points of contact for types of investment being contemplated by international investors (Doing Business in Lebanon and Statistical Data).

2. Inform tourists who are interested in visiting Lebanon of the great security visitors enjoy, the points of interest in the country, Lebanese tourist attractions, the hotels where they might stay, the restaurants where they may eat and other relevant facts. The most interesting feature here is the interactive map which shows the different interesting sights and give relevant information about each of them ( Tourism and Culture).

3. Encourage the return of qualified Lebanese living abroad and help Lebanese companies locate them in the countries where they presently live. This is done through a free advertising section containing Employment Offered and Employment Wanted plus FREE company advertising
( Employment and Business Exchange).

4. Give up-to-date news about Lebanon and about the Lebanese communities abroad, particularly the Lebanese American community. Events, whether personal or for organization, can also be advertised for free in this section. Personal events include: Births, Engagements, Marriages, Obituaries, and other events. Organizations events include: Meetings, Conferences, and other social events. (News)

5. Offer some general information about Lebanon, particularly for persons not very familiar with the country. (General Information about Lebanon)

5. Offer direct access to Web Sites on Lebanon that give complementary information to that found in this homepage.

The success of this homepage depends, ultimately, on the number of users and the extent of information and service they receive from it. Our best source of information on this is you, the user. If you have any comments or suggestions please email them to us at:

Happy Cruising!