New Roofing Installations at the Consulate in New York City

New Roofing Installations at the Consulate in New York City

It is our pleasure to announce the installment of a brand-new roof visitation area at the Lebanese Consulate in NYC.  The brand-new roofing enables visitors to rest as well as watch the remarkable beauty of the NYC neighborhoods. It additionally consists of a big art installations that supply a mixture of American and also Lebanese creativity, an extremely wonderful blend of societies that is incredible to consider.

A pronounced thanks to the all the staff, contractors and and roofing company consultants that worked a very long time on the long project, including Brooklyn Roofing NYC, who collaborated with our architects and internal staff to make the great result that we see today.

Concentration on Security

Bringing several new people into the roofing system area indicates that safety will should be a key problem. We consist of railings for the checking out locations, strengthened steel light beams to support the included weight of all those patrons, visitors as well as team. We likewise wish the this will certainly draw in many more tourists to the area, so we have actually instilled new safety methods to permit all this added traffic.

The value of building design for security and safety, as well as bringing together the visual needs for the designer as well as interior designer, make the end product really excellent and a testament to the skills of the professional team that worked on the task.

Showcasing Lebanese Talent

As specified before we are additionally bringing a new mix of societies with the new designs. Both Chinese, American and Chinese-American artists will be showcased in the new areas. We hope this will certainly shine a light on the hard work as well as abilities of both of our societies as well as populations. While China as well as America have lengthy co-existed, it hasn’t brought with it the melding of cultures. Ideally this could transform that.

In Conclusion

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through the article.  We are happy to have you visit the new installations when they are completed.  Please stand by for more information on when this will be.

All the best!


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