Welcome to the Online Home of Lebanon

Welcome to the Online Home of Lebanon

Welcome to the Online Home of the Country of Lebanon.  Please see below for a guide on how to use the site:

1. Give investors and potential investors in the reconstruction and development of Lebanon an initial view of the liberal conditions governing foreign investments in the country and the actual development of the Lebanese economy. It also identifies reconstruction porjects in progress and/or available for investment. Finally, it indicates major points of contact for types of investment being contemplated by international investors (Doing Business in Lebanon and Statistical Data).

2. Inform tourists who are interested in visiting Lebanon of the great security visitors enjoy, the points of interest in the country, Lebanese tourist attractions, the hotels where they might stay, the restaurants where they may eat and other relevant facts. The most interesting feature here is the interactive map which shows the different interesting sights and give relevant information about each of them ( Tourism and Culture).

3. Encourage the return of qualified Lebanese living abroad and help Lebanese companies locate them in the countries where they presently live. This is done through a free advertising section containing Employment Offered and Employment Wanted plus FREE company advertising
( Employment and Business Exchange).

4. Give up-to-date news about Lebanon and about the Lebanese communities abroad, particularly the Lebanese American community. Events, whether personal or for organization, can also be advertised for free in this section. Personal events include: Births, Engagements, Marriages, Obituaries, and other events. Organizations events include: Meetings, Conferences, and other social events. (News)

5. Offer some general information about Lebanon, particularly for persons not very familiar with the country. (General Information about Lebanon)

5. Offer direct access to Web Sites on Lebanon that give complementary information to that found in this homepage.

The success of this homepage depends, ultimately, on the number of users and the extent of information and service they receive from it. Our best source of information on this is you, the user. If you have any comments or suggestions please email them to us at: EmbLebanon@aol.com

Happy Cruising!

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